Calming and relaxing scents

Bring some positive energy into your environment. When you encounter smells from your past, you can be instantly transported back to a time or place. You can feel warm and fuzzy, full of life or perhaps sad.  Smells like the ocean, birthday cake, popcorn and florals are examples of memory scents.   It is no coincidence; […]

What Your Birthstone Says About You

June’s birthstone – Alexandrite Alexandrite meaning – Love Alexandrite colour – variable Those born in June have three birthstones from which to choose – pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. Choose a gem that resonates with you and your personality, or wear a combination of all three. June babies are known for their enthusiasm and sense of […]

Five Most Popular Gemstones suitable for Weddings

The beautiful diamond is on your finger and your big and most special day is upon you. Obviously, you need to accessorise your exquisite dress with a special piece of jewellery which has a beautiful gemstone. And what about those gifts for your retinue, why not make it very meaningful for them as well. Don’t […]