Five Most Popular Gemstones suitable for Weddings

The beautiful diamond is on your finger and your big and most special day is upon you. Obviously, you need to accessorise your exquisite dress with a special piece of jewellery which has a beautiful gemstone. And what about those gifts for your retinue, why not make it very meaningful for them as well. Don’t forget a little something to thank your mom and mom-in-law. Gemstones have meanings and certain properties that could enhance your day. These are the most popular gemstones for brides and retinues.

5. MORGANITE. This is usually found in shades of pinks to rose colours, peach and even violet. A soft gorgeous palette which works with most bride dresses and retinues. Obviously the richer the colour the more expensive it becomes. This is the universal stone of unconditional love, it helps to attract and maintain love. Morganite is the stone known to activate and cleanses the Heart Chakra.

4. PERIDOT. These olive-green stones become darker if they have less iron in their makeup. Peridot is the stone known to reduce stress and bring peace to relationships by balancing emotions and the mind. This beautiful stone can bring calm especially to those large retinues. The soft green hues can bring out or enhance most colours and add some extra glamour to the outfit. What could be more calming than gorgeous green on your wedding day.  

3. MOONSTONE. This is a typically colourless stone but most often presents in whitish to blue/white sheens. A stone for new beginnings, as well as inner growth and strength. A beautiful stone for your white wedding day. It also helps harbour our female side. Obviously, this is the perfect stone to show your man you love him to the moon and back.

2. TURQUOISE. The colour is associated with calm, serenity, emotional balance and good luck as well as love and joy. These are the exact feelings you want to portray and be associated with when you step out in the dress of your dreams. Turquoise could be your beautiful “something blue”.

1 LAPIS LAZULI. This ancient blue and gold flecked stone provides qualities of honesty and morality to the personality. It helps you speak the truth and inspires confidence. This can certainly give you that extra bounce in your step when you walk down the aisle. 


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