Calming and relaxing scents

Bring some positive energy into your environment.

When you encounter smells from your past, you can be instantly transported back to a time or place. You can feel warm and fuzzy, full of life or perhaps sad.  Smells like the ocean, birthday cake, popcorn and florals are examples of memory scents.   It is no coincidence; smells make you nostalgic.  Our sense of smell (olfactory), is directly linked to the emotional centre of your brain and a mere sniff can take you back to your past. 

Beside being able to take you to different places, your sense of smell can have a positive impact on your mind and body.

CITRUSLemons and oranges, as well as other citrus fruits can certainly lift your spirits and boost your energy.  Lemon is especially useful for putting you into a positive place.

LAVENDERThis fragrance has many properties to help calm you.  Lavender is the scent that can relax and calm the mind, sooth crazy thoughts and help you unwind.  Going to sleep with the smell of lavender can help with insomnia.

ROSEOn an emotional level, rose scent is believed to have the ability to calm and relax. 

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