Polymer Clay Jewellery

Polymer clay jewellery is crafted from an easy to work plasticized material that contains no true clay minerals. This soft and pliable material is composed of polyvinyl chloride in a plasticized base, making it a durable material for jewellery. Polymer clay comes in a broad range of colours that can be blended to make custom colours for unique jewellery creations. This versatile product can be sculpted, moulded or combined with other elements to form beads, pendants, bracelets and earrings.

Finishes on polymer clay jewellery vary depending on the effect the artisan wants to achieve. Most brands of polymer clay have a natural matte finish. Glossy or satin finish glazes can be applied to the fired polymer clay jewellery to help intensify the colour and sheen. Buffing or sanding with fine grit sandpaper or steel wool also creates a shinier finish. Special paints can be used to add detail or highlights to parts of the jewellery.