What Your Birthstone Says About You

June’s birthstone – Alexandrite

Alexandrite meaning – Love

Alexandrite colour – variable

Those born in June have three birthstones from which to choose – pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. Choose a gem that resonates with you and your personality, or wear a combination of all three. June babies are known for their enthusiasm and sense of clarity.

During the Renaissance, pearls were a symbol of nobility and prestige, worn mainly by royals. Mythology claimed pearls were the teardrops of mermaids, angels or pieces of the moon that fell into the sea. Those with a pearl personality have a reputation for being spontaneous and adept at navigating new situations. They often love to travel, even if it means leaving their comfort zone.

Moonstone claims it’s name from the shifted appearance with the moon’s phases. The gem comes in a variety of shades, from yellow, peach and pink to green and grey. Those born in June often have keen instincts and should listen to their intuition. They always seem to make decisions at the most opportune moments.

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